Here at wellspring we offer three core services. Each of them provide different things that are unique to each patient’s circumstances. Our professionals treat each patient with the care and service they deserve.
Physical TherapyOccupational TherapySpecialty Services

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients suffering from disease or injuries:

Physical therapists assess, plan, organize, and participate in rehabilitative programs. In addition to "hands-on" care, which consists of joint and soft tissue mobilization and spinal manipulations, physical therapists also educate patients in proper posture and body mechanics and design home exercise programs for patients to address their specific impairments. Many physical exercises are used in conjunction with therapeutic modalities such as heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, whirlpool and traction.

Most commonly seen conditions by a physical therapist are:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people across their lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations).

It is a skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all facets of their life. It gives people the “skills for the job of living” so that patients can lead independent and satisfying lives. Occupational therapists provide individualized evaluations, recommendations and training on adaptive equipment, and guidance for family members and caregivers.

Most common conditions seen by an occupational therapist:

Additionally, occupational therapists:

Specailty Services

We offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs, all conveniently performed in one location. In addition to physical therapy and occupational therapy, we offer the following specialized services: